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25/11/2021 – Premiere Charleys Tante Ernst Deutsch Theater Hamburg – get your tickets

12/11/2021 – Release DRAMA Magazin Hamburg – got get your tickets

10/11 – 11/11/2021 – Vorstellung Ich Lieb Dich Theater Kohlenpott – get your tickets

05/11/2021 – Release DRAMA Magazin Berlin – go get your tickets

13/10/2021 – Vorstellung Inside Sybille Distel Berlin – go get your tickets

07/10/2021 – Dreh für Die Pfefferkörner in Hamburg

05/10/2021 – Weihnachtlicher Dreh für Tchibo

30/09 – 09/10/2021 – Filmfest Hamburg

26/09/2021 – Drehbeginn INNER (AT) von Denise Stellmann

12/09 – 14/09/2021 Ich Lieb Dich Theater Kohlenpott – get your tickets

04/09/2021 – Premiere Ich Lieb Dich Theater Kohlenpott – get your tickets

30/08/2021 – Premiere Megazorn 2: Psychological Warfare Ernst Deutsch Theater

10/07 -13/07/2021 Premiere Inside Sybille in Konstanz

17/01 – 24/01/2021 – Max Ophüls Filmfestival BA HAM (engl. together) nominiert im Wettbewerb

07/09/2020 – Das autoritäre Zeitalter des Megazorns Ernst Deutsch Theater Hamburg


BA HAM (engl. together) full article on

„Roxana Safarabadi who plays Narges, whose character becomes the catalyst for Pouya’s emphatic outbursts adds such nuanced layers to her performance, that from her restraint to compassionate approach, she remains our source of an enigma in this otherwise dramatic short.“ – Indie Shorts Mag

Tales Of Light

A sick girl finds a distant friend, in an author who is struggling for words. So, these two lonely souls come together in the night.

Best Film of Children – Festpro Film Festival St. Petersburg